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How to Choose the Best Martial Art for Your Child

In the era of internet and smart phones, children hardly get a chance to perform any physical healthy activity.

That’s when martial arts can come in handy; it can bring about many positive changes in your child’s behaviour, especially if they are involved in a martial art activity that also matches their personality and interest.

But with so many options of martial arts to choose from, it can be a tedious task to pick up a right option.

Every discipline of martial arts is different, and hence requires different set of skills and techniques, on the part of a participant to be successful.

Similarly every child is different from another, to find out what matches a child’s personality, we need to dig deep to understand each discipline and the philosophy it revolves around.


Karate is the most widely known martial arts in the world invented in 1300. Many gurus of this art teach their students to adopt martial arts as a way of life by incorporating it in their daily lives.

It’s provides a full body work out with no weapons involved.

In karate, there’s no first attack, the focus is strictly on the self instead of the rival

Who should learn Karate?

Any child who is interested in learning striking techniques using hands and feet makes an ideal candidate for the discipline. This gives your child a new form of confidence.

The activity includes breaking boards and forms as major elements taught in karate, while the Philosophical teachings emphasise greatly on leading a happy and balanced life, with activity being a core element of focus.

Tae Kwon Do

Of all the martial arts, Tae Kwon Do wins the trophy for being the most popular of all the martial arts and is even part of the Olympic sport.

While karate involves breaking records, however, Tae Kwon Do is a more developed discipline, and mainly involves kicks, punches and throws.

Who should learn Tae Kwon Do?

It’s for any child who is competitive by nature and is prepared to take challenges due to the immense popularity of the sport. But since it’s competitive, the sport also offer many opportunities to grow for your child.

Since the discipline is a form of a heavy sport including sparring, you must buy protective gear for your child in order to get started with the sport.

Kung Fu

The balance and relaxation techniques are primary focus of Kung Fu. Strikes are involved but usually performed in close proximity to the rival.

Who should learn Kung Fu?

For children who lack performance in personal spaces or have slow reflexes makes ideal candidate for this discipline. It’s a great sport for balance and concentration issues.


Judo Is one of the most widely known effective Martial Arts For Self-Defence. It was primarily designed to defend oneself from strikes and use the rival’s attacking mentality against themselves.

Who should learn Judo?

If learning throws and self defense are the top priorities for you as a parent as well as for a child, then it’s a good pick.


Aikido, a modern Japanese martial art, can teach your children many things such as discipline and awareness regarding their bodies. It can really help children with confidence and healthy esteem, and is best for children with attention disorders such as ADD and ADHD. Aikido is designed to give different to children which require them to be calm on their part in order to pay attention.

Who should learn Aikido?

Almost anyone can opt for Aikido, however children with learning disorders make ideal candidate for Aikido.


Deciding on the best martial art for your kids is no-brainer. Just get your child enrolled into a discipline they feel comfortable and enjoy doing the most because if your child enjoys studying the discipline, he/she will be able to harvest many benefits out of a particular art.

Hence, we conclude that the best martial arts for your children is the one they are most comfortable doing.

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