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Benefits of Enrolling Your Child in Martial Arts Classes

Iriminage technique

Every parent wants the best for their children.

And it’s our responsibility as being parents to make sure that our kids get the best of everything – best education, best health facilities and treatments, best toys and the list goes on.

But has it ever occurred to you to get your child enrolled in martial

arts for kids?

Why martial arts or aikido for kids?

At the Kidou Academy, we believe that a child’s holistic development including both physical and physiological can be greatly strengthened by teaching kids the gentle art of Aikido. Not only it improves your child’s overall health but also improves child’s emotional health by giving a boost to his/her self esteem, and self confidence, not just that, these martial arts classes also prove to be self defense classes for kids.

There following are the benefits of getting your child enrolled in martial arts for kids.

Self defense

Self defense is a must to be taught skill for kids these days. Kids are not surrounded by adults all the time neither its possible for them to supervise all their kids 24/7, that’s when teaching your kids self defense comes in handy. Your child will learn basic martial arts basic techniques which include punching, kicking, boxing and evasion techniques under the supervision of an academy that has received the winner of the best martial arts academy Award.

Other benefits of learning martial arts for kids

The martial arts for kids also help them with focus and learning, team work and positive social interaction, balance and posture, self control and decision making capability, memorisation, self discipline and responsibility, co ordination and motors skills, and great physical fitness for those kids battling with obesity.

Get your child enrolled in aikido for kids and see the difference

The Kidou Academy is the leading Martial Arts Academy in Singapore which has been operating since 2014. It’s committed to provide excellence and offer a fun and secure learning environment for your kids under the supervision of experienced and well trained teachers to develop the character of your child and teaching him that learning martial arts could be so much fun. At the same time, teaching them life skills that will help them protect themselves.

So what are you waiting for? Book a trial class now!

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