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Our Programme

In Kidou Academy, our philosophy is to develop the child’s potential through three aspects: Spirit, Body, and Mind. These three aspects are developed in harmony for a child to become properly balanced in self-defense and as a person. 

Aimed towards helping children build life skills like confidence, mental strength, discipline, and self-defense, our Multi - Jutsu classes focus on the Japanese Martial Arts curriculum with Aikido, Jujitsu, Judo, and Karate techniques.

An activity-based curriculum develops character and teaches your child that learning martial arts can be fun while helping them develop the skills they need to protect themselves.  

Our Multi - Jutsu classes are structured as follows:


Students will learn to be aware of the surroundings and build their basic movements to execute defense against attack from various positions. Students will also be taught variations to the technique to be able to use them in any situation.


Students will be introduced to different weapons movements and learn to use weapons for both attacks and defenses.


Students will learn to maneuver a takedown situation. Ground techniques and movements will be introduced to the class.


Punches, kicks, chops, and attacks will be given more attention to building the foundation for the students to learn defensive movements.


In reference to other Martial Arts like Judo, Jiu-Jitsu & Karate, students will learn to counter grappling attacks and situations in various forms and positions.

Students learn to eliminate unnecessary physical actions in order to achieve direct and efficient movements including physical strength, awareness, posture, poise, focus, and dignity.  Once mastered, the efficient and focused movements, translate to the development of the student's character.


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