Being a premium martial arts academy for children, our program offers a 360-degree approach to the overall wellness of our students. Our students range from as young as 4 years to 12 years in 2 categories of class.

Martial Arts Classes

Kidz (Age 4 – 12 years)

Specifically designed to cater to children at a tender age so that they can experience martial arts training that enhances their motor skills, co-ordination, concentration, and social skills through storytelling, engaging games and fun movement activities. Class are small to ensure each child receives individual attention. The comprehensive curriculum introduces the students a more challenging and complex aikido techniques and movements with emphasis on technique refinement. The system of achievement based rewards allows students to push their limits while building confidence and discipline.

Workshops (All levels)

We organises workshops for schools and corporate organisations with a comprehensive curriculum that introduces self defence to students with emphasis on practical and dynamic movements that empowers the students. The workshop covers a range of topics from practical self defense techniques to releases and escape methods. Students will be introduced to a variety of techniques incorporating joint locks and submission moves. Email your enquiries and interest to info@kidouacademy.com.



How is Aikido different from other martial arts?

—Unlike most martial arts, Aikido has no competitions. Aikido is a defensive art that does not emphasize strikes. Students work cooperatively to maximize their understanding and execution of techniques.

Is Aikido good for children?

—Aikido is excellent for children because it a non-violent martial art, it does not promote aggressive behavior.  It teaches respect for others, as well as how to redirect negative behaviors.

Is Aikido practical for self-defense?

—Yes. Aikido allows one to re-direct an attack, and pin or throw an opponent without causing injury to the attacker.  This is what makes the art so unique.

Can I take a trial class?

—You are always welcome to try a class. Do register for the FREE TRIAL CLASS!. We strongly encourage your child to  be in comfortable attire (preferably in track pants) and to bring a bottle of water for personal hydration. Generally, first time students are given personal orientation and instruction.

Is Aikido safe?

—We emphasize the art of ukemi, or methods of falling that are safe and fun. Children are allowed to progress to a more dynamic fall (higher from the ground) only when they feel comfortable with the movement and the instructor believes that they are ready. Our safety record is excellent; there are many more injuries in team sports like baseball, basketball or soccer. In fact, by learning good ukemi, the child will reduce the chance of injury in other physical activities like skiing, snowboarding and team sports.

Why do people bow during aikido?

—The culture of bowing in the dojo is simply a traditional Japanese way of greeting (similar to shaking hands with someone) and showing respect for ones’ partners, teachers and those in the past whose efforts made our practice possible. It can also be an exercise in being very mindful, present and purposeful in your movement and intention. It does not have religious connotations. The bow is most often done when stepping on and off the training mat (tatami), when starting class and finishing class, before and after practicing with a partner and whenever sensei has given some instruction.

What can I expect at my first class?

—A beginner practices at a slow and easy pace. Classes begin with some warm-up exercises and stretches. This is followed by an introduction in aikido stances and aikido movements known as tai sabaki. Learning how to fall down without getting hurt is a very valuable and important part of Aikido, we help with some very basic falling and rolling principles and practices. During the first few weeks of class, students get acquainted with some terminology, understanding some basic principles of the art and being able to move about safely.

How is the class structured?

Our classes are one hour long and is planned to maximise learning. Children’s Aikido classes dynamically balance technical training with teamwork exercises and games. The games that we play provide a fun dimension to the focus of Aikido, while emphasizing fundamental principles of the techniques themselves, such as centering, blending, teamwork and non-violent conflict resolution. We also promote flexibility and unified movement, essential qualities of the young athlete and martial artist.

What are the benefits of practising Aikido?

—It’s great conditioning. An Aikido class is a vigorous aerobic workout. Kids move their entire body, so they will develop core strength. You’ll find their posture and balance becoming increasingly grounded. If you are interested in learning more about the benefits of Aikido for your kids, do visit our blog page.

What ranking or testing system is used?

—A Kyu ranking system is used up to black belt level. Children must pass through a series of Junior Kyu grading (from 16th to 6th Kyu) before being allowed into the Adult Kyu ranks (From 6th to 1st Kyu). They are awarded colored belts and stripes. (There are no children black belts in our system).