In Kidou Academy, our philosophy aim to develop the child’s potential through three aspect: Spirit, Body and Mind. These three aspects must be developed in harmony for a child to become properly balanced in self-defense and as a person. This is portrayed strongly in our Logo.

The word Kidou means Spirit in Japanese. And it is one of the key principles that are fostered in the class.  Knowledge and skills provide the framework through which children see the world but it is not enough to have a strong mind and body. Children should also strive to be strong in spirit through a firm foundation of beliefs to guide the child. We also understand that the environment plays a vital role in developing a happy, confident and resourceful child. We therefore lay great emphasis on creating a carefully planned and well-resourced environment that is warm, welcoming and engaging.

The silhouette of a student in the logo represents the second aspect: Body, which is developed through the physical exercises involved in martial arts training. Physical conditioning exercises lead to increased strength, endurance, flexibility and equilibrium. In addition, repetition of martial arts basic and advanced techniques leads to improved physical ability and fluidity of movement.  The orange belt that the silhouette is wearing is a sign of humility in learning as the child yearns for knowledge and not the colours of the belt.

Lastly the Mind is represented by the gray box encompassing the silhouette and the word Kidou. The mind is like a box filled with many thoughts and ideas. The child’s imaginative mind is developed throughout the class and teaches the student to focus his mind and to coordinate his thinking with his movement. It also aids him in his abilities to relax and to concentrate. We foster a love of learning and provide children with the skills they need to be adaptable and flexible in a rapidly changing world.

The three colours in the logo represent the organization’s vision for Kidou Academy.

Orange is associated with joy and sunshine. It also represents enthusiasm, happiness, creativity, determination, encouragement, and stimulates mental activity.

Blue is the color of peace and it can suggest loyalty and integrity. Blue is the color of the sky and sea. Blue is considered beneficial to the mind and body as it is strongly associated with tranquility and calmness.

Red is the color of passion, action, ambition and determination.

Kidou Journey